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popette studio · inspired events & celebrations · balloon, botanical and bespoke creative installations installations · sydney, australia

About Popette Studio

Here at Popette Studio, we create magic from thin air. Our chosen practice is sculpture, combining the element of air with the form of balloons, botanicals and everything glittery and shiny.

Borne of a long-time collaboration with our dear friend and styling partner, Emma Blomfield, the Popette Studio team create spectacular installations, deliveries and surprises throughout the Sydney and Hunter Valley region. Lovers of adventure and travel, however, we’ll pack up our supplies and go anywhere the opportunity presents itself.

For more inspiration, follow our instagram feed, visit our creative director, Heather Snodgrass-Brine on Pinterest, join us on Facebook or send us a message. To order a delivery or DIY kit, please visit the Popette Online Store.

To receive information regarding a specific event, please use our Booking and Enquiries form.


Magic Makers Wanted

2019 has started with a bang - but luckily, not the sound of exploding balloons.

Popette Studio is seeking motivated, creative souls in the Sydney area to join our team on a casual and project basis; February and March are shaping up to be huge months and the more hands on deck, the more magic we will be able to make.

No balloon experience necessary (but if you do have some, even better). A love of colour, design and florals is imperative. The ability to work swiftly, solve creative problems and dive right in is essential. Side hustle as an instagram wife/husband/life partner will be favourably looked upon, too.

We are a family-friendly company and support flexible working arrangements. If you have children, please let us know.

Bump ins and installs can often be funny beasts, with early/late/weird hours, so please tell us your schedule availability as well.

You’ll be required to attend some basic training to understand the installation and styling process prior to joining the Popette Studio team.

If this sounds like fun, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch asap.

Popette Studio · behind the scenes · St. Paul’s Canterbury Anglican, January 2019

Popette Studio · behind the scenes · St. Paul’s Canterbury Anglican, January 2019

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Please tell us the days/times you are generally available. We will confirm specific schedule availability with each applicant during the interview phase.